Hiking for the Catskills & the Catskill Center

Moe getting ready to start his Appalachian Trail thru-hike at Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia

Moe getting ready to start his Appalachian Trail thru-hike at Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia

When he started to plan his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail earlier this year, it wasn't just logistics that Moe Lemire was thinking about. He was also thinking about the good that he could do as he hiked from Georgia to Maine.

Moe turned towards the Catskills and the preservation and protection needs of the region. Moe is an active volunteer with the Catskill Center and the NYNJ Trail Conference, where he leads their volunteer effort to maintain the majority of backcountry lean-tos in the Catskills. He had figured out what he wanted to do: Improve the Catskills with his hike and do that through donations that support the work of the Catskill Center to preserve and protect the Catskills.

To further that goal, Moe has created the Moe Hikes The Appalachian Trail page on GoFundMe that allows his friends, family members and supporters of his hike to make donations in honor of his hike. Those fund go directly to the Catskill Center to support our work.

Moe started his hike on April 6, 2016 at Springer Mountain in Georgia after registering as a thru-hiker at Amicalola Falls State Park at the start of the Appalachian Trail Approach Trail. At the start of his hike, he was joined by a friend and together over a week, they hiked north. After about 51 miles, his friend decided to leave the trail, but Moe has continued north. He quickly crossed the Georgia/North Carolina border and then passed the 100 mile mark from Springer Mountain. Today, he's just south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

To date, he's raised more than $400 for the Catskills. His goal is to raise at least $5,000! If you'd like to help him meet and exceed his goal, make a donation through Moe Hikes the Appalachian Trail page or make a donation through the Catskill Center Donation page and put "Moe Lemire Appalachian Trail" in the special instructions box.

We here at the Catskill Center are honored to be the recipients of these generous gifts and Moe's generosity to select us as his charity of choice.

Help Moe Hike For The Catskills With A Generous Donation

June 9, 2016 Update

Moe continues his through hike north and as of today, has just crossed the 700 mile mark on his 2,100 mile journey! This morning he watched the sun rise from McAfee Knob. We at the Catskill Center can't cheer him on enough! 

His hair is a bit longer and his beard is a bit bigger, but Moe is committed to finishing the Appalachian Trail and with only 1,400 miles to go, we know he is going to make it! He also wants to ensure that he meets his goal to raise at least $5000 for the Catskill Center, so please take a minute to visit his fundraising page and make a generous donation! Thank you!

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