Catskill Park Awareness Day 2017

Get Involved and help support the Catskill Park!

Please take a minute to learn more about why the Catskills are important and how we are helping the Catskill Park with our work in Albany. Then help us spread the word about why supporting the Catskills and the Catskill Park are important! 

2017 Catskill Park Coalition Priorities in the NYS Budget

Your help is needed to let the Governor and the Legislature know that the Catskill Park is important to us! It only takes a few quick phone calls to let your voice be heard.

Call the Governor's office at 518-474-8390. Thank him for the inclusion of $5 million dollars in his budget for the Catskill Park and tell him that you support the Catskill Park Coalition's entire $10 million Catskills Package.

The call your local Assemblymember ( and State Senator ( and tell them that you support the Catskill Park Coalition's Catskill Package and that you want them to support it.

With your help, we can improve the Catskill Park for all!

If you have some extra time, email us at after your call and let us know who you spoke with and any feedback you received. It will help us work to ensure support continues to grow for the Catskills and progress continues to be made.

Since 1969, the Catskill Center has led the effort to protect  the Catskills.  Our Mission is to protect and foster the environmental, cultural and economic well-being of the Catskill region.