2018 is here!

It's so hard to believe. Where does that time go? 

2017 was a year of exciting accomplishments for the Catskill Center.  This past year we: 

- Embarked on a redesign of the exhibits at the Catskill Interpretive Center

- Finalized our new strategic plan, which will clarify our direction as we head towards our 50th anniversary in 2019

- Secured more than $7 million for the Catskill Park via our advocacy efforts

- Reconstructed and rehabilitated the cottage at the Thorn Preserve, which will increase our ability to hold events and have a caretaker present at the Preserve

- Invested in public access improvements at the Platte Clove Preserve (thanks to support from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program)

- Held an amazing variety of events including:   Taking Flight 2017, a Catskill Book Fair, the Catskill Cuisine series and the 2017 Membership Series which offered our members exclusive access to top-notch researchers and scientists from across the Catskills

- Welcomed our new Catskill Interpretive Center Director and Communications Director to the team

- Greeted tens of thousands of visitors to the Catskill Park through the Catskill Interpretive Center, the Catskill Fire Tower Project and at our Preserves

- Officially began the process of becoming an accredited land trust to help steward our preserves and conservation easements

- Brought our members, friends and supporters together at our Summer Gathering and at our Fall Gala.

When I think about how much we accomplished in 2017, I know it was only possible because we have assembled what has to be the finest team of staff and volunteers in the Catskills, if not anywhere. 

We’re supported by a dedicated Board of Directors and most importantly by our members and donors. Our work to conserve, protect and improve the Catskills and its communities is your work, and we are grateful for your generosity. 

Your donation powers our work across the region and the Catskill Center is only as strong as those who support us and share our vision that "Conservation Creates Opportunity" here in the Catskills. 

Our success is your success. I ask you to be part of the Catskill Center and to support our work. 

And thank you for all that you do, 
Jeff Senterman