Be alert during seasonal Hunting Seasons and to the changing weather of Fall

by Jeff Senterman


Bow season for deer hunting in the Catskill Park opens in October and runs through November 15th. Regular (rifle) season for deer hunting begins on November 16th and runs through December 8th. There are also seasons for turkey, bear, bobcat and other small mammals. For all the details about hunting seasons, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation maintains a website at with extensive seasonal information on all of the different hunting seasons, their geographic areas and additional information for both hunters and those who wish to recreate during the fall hunting season.

Hikers, walkers and anyone planning on being in the woods who is not a hunter, should always be aware of the hunting regulations in the area where they are recreating and should always wear blaze orange during hunting seasons to reduce the risk of any incidents.

Don’t forget to watch your pets too! Dogs should be wearing blaze orange when they are in the woods with you during hunting seasons and should always remain under your control to avoid incidents.

Do not just be prepared for hunting season though, November weather can be unpredictable, so it is best to plan ahead and be prepared so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures in the Catskill Mountains. Weather can change dramatically between the Hudson Valley and Catskill summits, especially in months like November. What could be a light rain at low elevations can be freezing rain or snow at higher elevations. Wetness and dampness can also quickly escalate to hypothermia as it becomes more difficult to stay warm. Be prepared so you can be sure to enjoy your adventure.

Jeff Senterman