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Cocktail Party at the Thorn Preserve Cottage

In the Zena section of Woodstock there is a gorgeous pocket of land, forever protected from development, and open to all. It has meadow with paths groomed for walking and forest. There are wetlands and stream and a pond. Sixty acres entire, the property offers a stunning view of Overlook Mountain and the wildlife is abundant — a direct result from such a diverse and protected habitat. This is the Catskill Center Thorn Preserve.

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Catskill Park Stewardship Fund

Two of the most direct ways the Catskill Center acts on its mission is through the protection and stewardship of our network of preserves and through our advocacy work to protect and preserve the Catskill Park and Forest Preserve.

The Catskill Center welcomes the public to our preserves and we work to educate and welcome visitors to the Catskill Park through efforts like the Catskill Interpretive Center and our support of the Catskill Trail Steward Program. We hope to welcome many more for years to come. But to do so, we need your support.

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