HTML Email Workflow 2018

Thoughts and Mailchimp / Campaign Monitor Comparison

Since we gather contacts from so many places, I think we should have all of our contacts first go into a master document that lives on the drive. From that, notifications can be made when the contact has been put into giftworks and our current email service. 

On the website, the option to signup should be on all pages, in either the form of  a pop-up or as a form.

An ipad which links to the master document should  go to all events to gather names. When its not traveling, it can perform the same function in the Erpf Gallery.

Also, In order to prevent having Catskill Center being marked by a server as a spammer, we should be sending all bulk mailings through our chosen email company, including press releases.

(Except for those contacts who have requested submissions via non-html email)

Campaign Monitor / Monthly non-profit pricing  / $75.65 ( - 10,000 subscribers) 

Campaign Monitor / cons

  • novel for Catskill Center staff 
  • for direct signup, a piece of code must be added to squarespace. ...considering my preferred workflow, i consider this a pro


Campaign Monitor / pros

  • uses google fonts, emails can exactly match Catskill Center branding
  • multiple subscriber lists can be chosen when sending an email
  • segments are reductive, which creates a logical information flow

Mailchimp / Monthly pricing — current level $75. ( - 10,000 subscribers) 

Mailchimp / cons

  • Cannot be styled to exactly match Catskill Center branding. Fonts are not available, footer with two addresses must be two columns
  • when sending an email, cannot choose more than one list
  • segments are accumulative, which creates a challenging workflow

Mailchimp / pros

  • familiarity
  • native connection with squarespace

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