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August 18 - September 29

From the Beginning

Quilts by Debra A. Steup


From her first quilt -  made on a treadle sewing machine - to the modern techniques she currently uses, this quilt exhibit features a journey through the many years of Debra Steup's quilting.

In 2013 Debra was inducted into the Catskill Quilters Hall of Fame. The Catskill Quilters Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of quilting in the Catskill Mountains, as well as promoting the evolving and complex artistry expressed in quilting.


August 18 / Reception / 2-4 pm


Erpf Gallery

43355 Route 28
Arkville, NY

Mon-Fri / 9:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday / 10am - 2pm

 Chris Seubert / the Cabin

Chris Seubert / the Cabin