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 The Cabin / Chris Seubert

The Cabin / Chris Seubert

Through June 16

Sticks, Stones and Bones

Sculpture by John Byer

John Byer’s interest in art began in high school. After graduating, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz. After a brief career in teaching, he found grater satisfaction in carpentry. Working in various environments and with natural materials was more to his liking. Building country homes – large sculptures – led to the use of wood in his smaller creations. Being an outdoorsman, with an interest in Native American Culture, he began using antler, bone, beads, and stone. His work reflects the influences of Henry Moore – in the simple shaping of wood and the use of its natural beauty; Georgia O’Keefe in the use of skulls, bones and antlers; Native American Art in the over-all appearance of some constructions.

5.12 / Reception / 2-4pm


 Chris Seubert / the Cabin

Chris Seubert / the Cabin

Erpf Gallery

43355 Route 28
Arkville, NY

Mon-Fri / 9:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday / 10am - 2pm

Artist-In-Residence / Platte Clove

EVERY SUMMER the Catskill Center opens the primitive 90-year-old Platte Clove cabin to a jury-selected group of visual artists, writers, poets, composers, performing artists, and environmental researchers who have an affinity for the natural world.

The Catskill Center’s Platte Clove residency is situated in the 208-acre Platte Clove Preserve in Greene County and is the only program in the country located in the historic area where the  Hudson River School tradition of american landscape painting was born. Painters such as Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Frederic Edwin Church and others searched the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain Region for untainted wilderness.