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Ash Seed Collection - Webinar

We're only a handful of weeks away from harvest time, so I have a few reminders to share with you all:

1. Remember to send GPS coordinates or an address once you have scouted out good individuals from which to collect. This is so we can get your trees on a map and start checking the distribution of our collection efforts state wide. 

2. Check for ripeness before you harvest! With the exception of black ash, mature seeds will be plump and firm with a tan seed coat when they are ready to be picked. This should occur between the last week of September and the first week or October within NYS. The seed should be filling the entire samara cavity. Black ash does not mature on the tree, so if you have a black ash, harvest towards the end of September- ripening will occur in the bag.

3. Remember you can download the seed collection protocol, the datasheet, and all instructions off our website: If you need to cover the protocol over the phone, shoot me an email and we will set up a time to talk. If you wish to have a complete overview, we have a webinar coming up on September 3rd, from 12-1. Anyone can join and it is free! See the details here:

Any questions? Send them to me!

Many thanks for your efforts and help!

Molly Marquand
Ash Collection Manager
T 718.370.9044 
F 718.370.0932