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Catskill Park Day 2018

Join us for Catskill Park Day 2018 on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 in Albany and raise your voice to make a difference!

Each year the Catskill Center leads the Catskill Park Coalition, supporters and volunteers to Albany to meet with legislators and agencies to discuss the urgent needs of the Catskill Park, Catskill Forest Preserve and our Catskill communities.

This annual Catskill Park Awareness Day event last year generated a historic $15 million for the Catskill Park, including infrastructure improvements, continued community Smart Growth Grants and funding for improvements to the Belleayre Ski Center.

Join us this year as we return to Albany to continue to advocate for the Catskill Park and our Catskills communities!

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A look back at Catskill Park Day 2017, but the advice to call your elected officials? Timeless! Please call your local NYS Assemblymember and Senator and let them know you care about the Catskills and support the priorities of the Catskill Park Coalition.


Call the Governor's office at 518-474-8390. Thank him for his support of the Catskill Park in 2017 and tell him that you support the Catskill Park Coalition's 2018 priorities for the Catskill Park and its communities.

The call your local Assemblymember ( and State Senator( and tell them that you support the Catskill Park Coalition's 2018 Catskill Park priorities and that you want them to support it.

With your help, we can improve the Catskill Park for all!

If you have some extra time, email us at after your call and let us know who you spoke with and any feedback you received. It will help us work to ensure support continues to grow for the Catskills and progress continues to be made.

Catskill Park Coalition - 2018 Priorities

  • Catskills Economic Development funding line in the amount of $500,000 directed towards the Catskill Watershed Corporation for access and stewardship projects
  • $10 million in funding to support Catskill Park stewardship, education, improvements and infrastructure maintenance by the NYSDEC and through:
    • Contracts with private and nonprofit partners for programs such as the Catskill Conservation Corps, Professional Trail Crews and Summit/Trail Stewards
    • Increase/Create innovative public/private partnership stewardship programs to match the growing number of visitors in the Catskill Park.
    • Continuing scientific efforts such as the Catskill Environmental Research & Monitoring (CERM) program;
    • Ongoing rounds of Smart Growth Grants for Catskill Park communities and nonprofits with larger available grant totals
    • Campground and facility improvements
    • Enhanced regional mountain biking planning and trail development to ensure that the Catskills continue to become a world-class mountain biking destination
    • Funding for the new exhibits and technology currently being designed for the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center ($500,000)
    • Annual funding for operations at the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center ($100,000)
    • Feasibility study to connect Empire State Rail Trail to Catskill Trail network
  • Increasing the budget and staffing for the NYSDEC’s Division of Lands and Forest to better manage Catskill Park. Holding annual Forest Ranger Academies to maintain and grow Ranger force to maintain public safety ($1,000,000)
  • Providing funding in support of the “Save the Hemlocks” initiative led by Cornell University to reduce the impact of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on hemlock trees by developing effective biocontrols ($1,000,000)
  • Push for carbon neutral/green infrastructure in new projects across the Catskill Park ($500,000) including:
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at State Campgrounds, the Catskill Interpretive Center and at Belleayre Ski Center
    • Solar panel installations at State Campgrounds, the Catskill Interpretive Center and at Belleayre Ski Center
  • Support funding for the Belleayre Ski Center Unit Management Plan for projects not related to private resort expansion
  • Support Catskill Park Scenic Byways through funding of byway coordination and management efforts led the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway and the Catskill Mountain Scenic Byway organizations. Utilize our byways to introduce visitors to the Catskills and develop regional cooperation and collaboration across the region ($250,000)