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the Fourth Annual Lighting of the Fire Towers

On Saturday night September 2nd, find a place with a view of your favorite fire tower on the horizon for our 4th annual Lighting of the Fire Towers Event!

Meant to showcase the history of the five Catskill fire towers, find an area in your neighborhood where you have a view of one of the fire towers, and watch as the cabs lit up from 9:00pm to 9:30pm.

The men and women who were in those cabs protected private property from forest fires by providing fire fighters with an early detection and reporting system that was amazingly accurate. For years, these towers watched faithfully like beacons over the Catskills. If you were lucky, your area may have been covered by more than one tower!

For additional information about possible viewing areas near you, please refer to the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development website:


Viewing sites for Lighting of the Fire Towers


Balsam Lake Mountain

1-Scenic Overlook at the top of Palmer Hill along State Route 28 between Margaretville and Andes

2-At the top of Todd Mt Road (Ulster County Route 49A) near the intersection with Kelly Road

3-Dingle Hill Andes We drove along Ridge road , stopping frequently to see the light.  So, if you are curious to "google map" the sites where we had a good look, it was 1212 Dingle Hill road, 629 Ridge Road and on “down” Ridge Road for a mile. (all are Andes addresses…off of Rt 30around the Pepacton Reservoir)


Hunter Mountain

Gordon Realty on Route 23A in Hunter has granted permission for viewers to use their parking lot for the "Lighting of the Towers" event Saturday, August 30.

Gordon Realty, Inc.
6528 Route 23A
Hunter, NY 12442

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Thorn Preserve off Zena Road

Zena Corn Field

Zena School


Red Hill



Mount Tremper

State Route 28 near the intersection of State Route 28A.