Google Suite Resources



Staff calendar

Visit this URL to add the Staff Calendar to your gCal. The Staff Calendar includes only all-staff events, such as as CCCD holidays, staff meetings, and major events.

Reservations - Shared resources

How to reserve CCCD Resources on gCal —i.e. the Uber line and Conference Rooms 

Reserve the resources by reserving a 'Room' on gCal (see how-to via link above).   gCal calls them rooms; they're really just resources.  Google gives the Uber line, Catmobile & Conference Rooms their own account and invites them to your meeting.  Then, it shows up busy (/not available) for others to use. Voila - Reserved. 

Note:   If the Uber Line is booked, use our #:  (712) 775-8974   Pin: 118454


Some secrets must be kept.  Don't forget to keep confidential information private on your gCal.  


uber line

Phone # (845) 414-3399    - No pin needed. Reservations required - See above.

All calls are automatically set to be recorded. You can confirm this when you call into the line.  It should say "This call is being recorded by the organizer."   

If you'd like a copy of an Uber call transcript,  ask the ED or AD to download and send it to you.



transfer folder ownership

  1. Click on the folder you want to transfer.
  2. Go to sharing settings (icon that looks like a person, or right click to Share/person icon). 
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. To right of [New Owner's name], click down arrow and choose "Make Owner".