Catskill Park Awareness Day 2017

Join us in Albany

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

The economy of the Catskill region is built on the natural beauty of its forever wild land. To further preserve and enhance this region’s economy we ask for an appropriate funding level of $10 million from a multitude of sources that will form a “Catskills Package” to support the region. Few other places on earth contain so much abundant undisturbed land so close to so many millions of people. With few options for economic development, appropriate access to the more than 450,000 acres of public land within the Catskill region is the key feasible foundation for economic opportunity. Access for the millions who rely on its open space, facilitated by acquisition of the key access points of unprotected land within park boundaries, will significantly enhance economic opportunity while meeting Governor Cuomo’s conservation goals and principles, in line with New York State’s proud and leading legacy of first-in-the-nation conservation.


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