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What the Hell's a Warbler / Scott Whittle / 1-2pm

Warblers can be confusing little buggers. Twenty +  varieties nest and breed in the Catskills, and telling them apart is challenging.

But more than that, what differentiates warblers from the other chirpers and peepers flitting around out there?

Scott Whittle and Tom Stephenson have spent countless hours parsing these, and other Warbler mysteries, and will let us in on a few of their insights and discoveries. 

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Workshop, FridayHeather P-L
Keynote / Tod Winston / 7:30pm

Moments of Magic and Humiliation from the Life of an Unabashed Bird-Lover

Why do we love birds? And how can our love for them help us protect them?

Tod Winston has spent a lifetime in search of those elusive and transcendent moments of "bird magic"—when the stars and planets align, and THE bird you were looking for appears at just the right moment… or maybe the bird you LEAST expected suddenly appears.

From a Calliope Hummingbird leaf-bathing in the rain just inches away, to a nesting colony of indignant cormorants raining regurgitated fish and guano upon his head, Tod will share some of his favorite intimate moments with birds and nature, accompanied by a background of birdsong and images.

We'll explore what draws us to the fierce, feathered, alien creatures around us, and how fostering human connection to them may be the only way to save them.

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