THorn Preserve is sublime

But the parking is a mess — let's fix it!

To fund a new gravel parking area and other access improvements at the Catskill Center’s Thorn Preserve, we’re looking to raise $25,000. An anonymous supporter has pledged to match the first $6000 in individual donations. Help us meet that match and improve the Preserve with a safe and environmentally friendly parking area. 

Located at 55 John Joy Road in Woodstock, NY, the Preserve is a joint project of the Catskill Center and the Woodstock Land Conservancy. The Thorn Preserve is 60 acres of meadow, woodland, streamside and wetland—open to the public daily—from dawn to dusk. 

All operations, improvements and maintenance on the Preserve happen only because of the generous support of people like you. Special recognition will be made for gifts of $1000 or more.

Thank you! 

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