2019 Catskill Center Platte Clove Artist in Residency Program

The Catskill Center has hosted residencies at the Platte Clove Artists cabin in Greene County since 1997. Scientists, writers, painters, film makers, photographers and many others have honed their craft deep within the 208 acres of forests that inspired the Hudson River School of Painters. 

Platte Clove cabin (Aaron Bennett).jpg

The 2019 jury-selected Artist in Residence (AIR) hail from New York, Texas, Michigan and Nevada. Each will spend five nights at the Platte Clove cabin immersed in their chosen project. The intention of this retreat is for artists to relocate from their daily routine and allow the beauty of the Catskills to inspire new sparks of creativity.

Every year, two spots are reserved for returning artists. This year, the Catskill Center is thrilled to welcome back filmmaker David Becker and Textile Artist Victoria van der Laan. The new Artists in Residence include:

  • Isak Applin – Painter

  • Remy Barnes – Writer

  • Lauren Berry – Poet

  • Sam Collier – Playwright and Poet

  • Calvin Grimm – Painter, Installations

  • Elizabeth Hoy – Visual Artist

  • Christopher Impiglia – Writer

  • Dominique Robin – Visual Arts

  • David Steinberg – Photographer

  • Carol Woodin – Botanical Illustrator

  • Alexandra Zsigmond – Visual Arts

In recent years, a special group – the Friends of Platte Clove was started by painter Mariella Bisson. With Mariella’s vision and dedication to Platte Clove, a group of friends has been cultivated to help complete projects at Platte Clove. For example, new cooking and heat stoves have been installed and plans are underway to improve the stone steps to the Artists Cabin. If you are interested in learning more about the Artist in residence program, please contact the Catskill Center at cccd@catskillcenter.org.

As part of the Friends of Platte Clove program, 2019 saw the inaugural group of Invitational Artists of the Friends of Platte Clove invited to stay at the cabin. These four diverse artists were selected by the Friends to have a residency at the Cabin.

The four Invitational Artists of the Friends of Platte Clove in 2019 are:

  • Bobby Lucy – Painter

  • Alice Momm – Sculptor

  • Mike Dubois – Painter, Illustrator/Graphic Designer

  • Katherine Burger – Writer and Visual Artist