10 Questions for Kelly Sinclair /  2017 Platte Clove artist-in-residence

Kelly Sinclair was one 10 artists who were awarded residencies at the little red cabin artist-in-residence program at Platte Clove in 2017.

Three of her photographs are currently on exhibit as part of Reflections from a Dream:  Works from the 2017 Platte Clove Artist in Residence Program at the Erpf Gallery.  

Kelly, do you live as a photographer?

KS: I don't. I have been taking pictures since I was in high school and it's a total passion. My husband and I run a wholesale business reproducing his artwork onto tee shirts and greeting cards, and we also have a store in Woodstock. I do sell my photography there.

What do you create your work with?

KS: I have a Fuji XT1 and it's digital. I grew up using the darkroom and really loved that, and when the whole digital thing happened, I was really resistant, but now I love it because it's so accessible. I have a little studio in my house where I do all my own printing.


Did you have a specific project in mind for the residency?

KS: I take mostly landscape and nature imagery because I live in the middle of the Catskills

In the woods is where I feel most at home, and carrying the camera with me on my daily walks is a natural extension of that. I did not have a specific project, just to photograph the land and water there.

Do you feel like your time, having that density of time at Platte Cove, did it affect the way you work?

KS: Being there, I felt a total fire of inspiration and the time was so precious, I knew I needed to get in all that I could.

Have you ever had any other residencies?

KS: I haven't, no.

Did you have a regular schedule that you gave yourself, or did you let your day be fluid?

KS: It was fluid — I woke early, had some coffee and a little breakfast, and then went out with my camera until I got hungry and came back for lunch. In the afternoon, I would go back out to do more exploring.

How did you feel about the work that you created while you were there?

KS: I really connected with that land and with my vision and I feel like I was able to portray that.

What month of the year were you there?

KS: I was there in September after Labor day, which was great. The weather was fine and the light was beautiful.

Did you see any animals?

KS: I didn't see any animals, no.

Is there anything else that you wish I had asked or that you'd like to share about your time at Platte Clove?

KS: It was an amazing experience and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity.

As an artist and photographer, it was fuel for my fire.

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