Catskill Park Advisory Committee

About the CPAC

The Catskill Park Advisory Committee was established by the Catskill Center in consultation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  The Committee is a group of local governments and stakeholder organizations guided by the Catskill Center and the Trail Conference.  The governments and organizations represent the various communities and user groups of the Catskill Park and the Catskill Watershed.  The purpose of the Committee is to provide assistance, advice and guidance to the Department, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other land managers in the management of the New York State Forest Preserve, the Catskill Park and the Catskill Watershed.  

The CPAC is currently chaired by Jeff Senterman, the Executive Director of the Catskill Center.

CPAC Members

CPAC members represent local governments and stakeholder organizations in the Catskills.  The committee also includes representatives from the DEC, DEP and other state agencies.  To learn more about membership, please call 845-586-2611 or email us.


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