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Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Phenology Training

  • Claryville Church Hall 946 Claryville Road Claryville, NY, 12725 United States (map)

Phenology is the life cycle of an organism. Currently, little is known about hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) phenology across the landscape. A deeper understanding of the life cycle of HWA throughout New York State can tell us where and when to release biocontrol insects, where to monitor for biocontrol establishment, and allow us to track HWA response to different climate factors in the field.

In this training, join one of the New York State Hemlock Initiative’s experienced field technicians as they take you through the yearly phenology of hemlock woolly adelgid. Learn how to identify HWA in the field during any time of year, including just following their summer aestivation period. Learn about why it’s important to track the life cycle of HWA, and how you can help them find out more about HWA and hemlock conservation in your area. Learn how to enter data in a mobile survey form developed by the NYS Hemlock Initiative in partnership with the USA National Phenology Network. Direct any questions and RSVP to