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Winnisook Club Luncheon

Sunday,  July 28th

The historic — and private — Winnisook Club will open its doors and welcome us for a celebratory luncheon to mark our 50th Anniversary.


Winnisook Lake is the source of Esopus Creek and the highest lake in the Catskill Mountains at 2,660 feet (810 m) above sea level.

The name, one of the few Indian place names in the Catskills, comes from Winnisook, the same legendary figure from whom the nearby hamlet of Big Indian and Big Indian Mountain draw their names.

The lake is the private property of the Winnisook Club.

Source: Wikipedia

Josh Valentine Pic 2.jpeg

Joshua Valentine

Josh Valentine Pic 3.jpg

lead instructor for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, will share tales about his unusual (and often harrowing) survival training, worldwide guiding and filming adventures.

Josh has trained Grylls instructors for the Frost Valley YMCA and is an adventure film consultant.

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Sunday, July 28
12pm - 3pm