The Catskill Center Presents: The Hudson River School of Art and the Ice Age

July 10, 2017:  From 7-8pm, on Saturday, July 22nd, renowned geologists Robert and Johanna Titus will present: The Hudson River School of Art and the Ice Age at the Catskill Center in Arkville.  

This talk will be the first offering of the 2017 Catskill Center’s Member Program Series.

The Titus’ propose a unique look at the inspiration behind the Hudson River School of Art. “Our hypothesis is that these American landscapes were largely the products of erosion and sculpting done by ice age glaciers. We will survey some of these famous sites – Kaaterskill Clove, the Catskill Front and the Hudson Valley – and describe their ice age origins.”

painting by Thomas Cole 

painting by Thomas Cole 

“The Hudson River School of Art was America’s first art movement. Founded by Thomas Cole and Asher Brown Durand, its artists painted the Catskills as they were in the middle 19th century when they were still wilderness. Our native landscape art differed sharply from what was being done in Europe where landscapes were typically park-like. This uniquely American view helped lead to a new appreciation for the wilderness and its preservation.” – Robert and Johanna Titus

This is the first of four programs from the Catskill Center’s exclusive Member Program Series. Curated to educate and inspire, the series is open to all members of the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development. If you are a member and would like to attend, please register in advance by contacting us at or by calling 845-586-2611.

For information about joining the Catskill Center please visit: or call 845-586-2611.


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