The Catskills: A Sense of Place

A series of curriculum guides, this resource helps teachers enliven and enrich their lessons and instill a sense of Catskill regional pride in their students.

Our emphasis of hands-on learning and process skills makes the guides useful for any teacher who would like to address NYS Learning Standards. Each activity lists the corresponding learning standards. The modules span grade levels 3-12.

The Catskill region is home to a magnificent state forest preserve and a wealth of important resources. Our communities offer a distinctive rural character that is fast disappearing from surrounding areas. The Catskills: A Sense of Place is designed to give children a better awareness, understanding and appreciation of the distinctive features of our area. 

The Catskills: A Sense of Place is available here for download (see below). If you prefer, you can order a printed copy of the module. We sell them at cost for $15 each plus $4 shipping and handling. You can have all six modules for $90 plus $12 S&H. Call Katie Palm for more information, 845.586.2611 or