Host a Streamwatch Program to determine the health of your nearby stream! Much like you see a doctor for regular checkups, the Catskill Center provides information and tools necessary to check up on the health of Catskill region streams.

The Catskill Center has been providing Streamwatch as an educational program in the Catskill region for over two decades!  Streamwatch programs can be requested by communities and school districts within the Catskill region.

Learn to make observations about water quality based on physical, chemical, and biological data. The Catskill Center will provide knowledgeable staff, water sampling kits, and all necessary equipment. A fun and hands-on exploration!

  • Biological data collection: Catskill Center staff provides instruction to identify macroinvertebrates from local streams. These invertebrates serve as biological indicators of water quality and give us clues to the health of our streams.
  • Chemical data collection: Catskill Center staff will also provide the materials and instruction to complete chemical testing of the stream. Chemical testing includes dissolved oxygen, percent saturation, and pH. 
  • Physical data collection: Physical data is also taken, including velocity (flow), turbidity, and temperature. Combining this data can help us discover clues about the water quality and health of the ecosystems we live in.

Contact Katie Palm for more information, 845.586.2611 or email