Invest in the future of the Catskill Center

Thanks to strong support from our members and friends over the years, the Catskill Center since 1969 has been working to protect our ecosystems and unique landscapes, enhance economic opportunities for our region’s residents all the while preserving cultural and historic assets and furthering a regional vision and spirit for the Catskills.

Today, it is even more important that we continue that work, as we face new challenges and find new opportunities throughout the region.  The Catskill Center works tirelessly to protect and promote the Catskills, while preserving them for generations to come.

One way you can help provide continuing support for the Catskill Center, is to consider the Catskill Center in your estate planning.  By including the Catskill Center in your estate plans, you can  extend your commitment to the Catskills far beyond your own lifetime.  

Lasting support comes to the Catskill Center from estate gifts, bequests, trusts, life insurance, and other forms of charitable plans that benefit donors, their families, and ultimately, all who love the Catskills.  Past gifts have helped the Catskill Center create today’s successes. You can help us to bridge the future for tomorrow’s excellence by simply providing for the Catskill Center in your estate plan with a bequest or other gift arrangement.  It is not necessary, but please let us know of your gift intent, as your gifts are a lasting reflection of your values and are an uppermost declaration of appreciation for the Catskill Center and the Catskills.

Each donor’s special commitment enhances our ability to provide vital services and enhanced opportunities for all to enjoy the magnificence of the Catskills.  Also, your gift is a reflection of your personal values.  Purposeful in meaning, it is an individual testimony of support for our mission. Through your gift to the Catskill Center, you will touch the lives of many for generations to come. 

Please consider including the Catskill Center in your estate planning.  Please contact Erik Johanson at 845-586-2611 or at for information on how you can help the Catskills and the Catskill Center for generations to come.