Tell Albany: NO ATV Bill In The Budget!

Tell Albany: NO ATV Bill In The Budget!

The New York State Senate version of the 2016-17 State Budget includes language which would allow state agencies to open state lands to ATV use, including on the 'Forever Wild' Forest Preserve Lands of the Adirondack Park and the Catskill Park, as well as on other state lands including State Forests, and State Parks!! You Can Help Keep Damaging ATVs Off State Lands.

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ATVs have an unprecedented potential for causing irreversible harm to the environment. Opening ATV access to state lands ensures such damage will ruin some of New York State's most scenic and economically valuable land.

In 2011 the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released the results of their assessment of the viability for ATV use on State Land. They concluded that there was no place for ATVs on state land due to their destructive potential and the agency's inability to properly regulate and enforce them with current resources. DEC also determined that a riding area of less than forty miles of trail would result in illegal use of surrounding terrain. Now, this new legislation would ask DEC to come up with rules and regulations for ATV use “with a view towards achieving maximum use of ATVs” when DEC has already made a determination that there is no capacity for ATV use on DEC managed lands. In addition, this legislation would increase the allowable weight for what is legally defined as an ATV, opening these areas up to larger and more destructive vehicles.

The Senate version of the 2016-17 NY State Budget would also allow children as young as 10 years old to drive ATVs at 55 mph on roads!ATVs are not designed to be used on hardened road surfaces! The Senate version of the budget bill would allow your NY State Parks to be opened for ATV use.

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