Good Morning Bears! WIOX Morning Edition - Catskill Center Environmental Segment

WIOX Morning Edition host Brit Hotaling speaks with the Catskill Center's Executive Director Jeff Senterman about the bears that are starting to awake from their wintertime slumber in the Catskills. They talk about how to avoid bear-human interactions and how to safely hike and camp in the Catskills with bears.

Executive Director Jeff Senterman has a weekly environmental segment every Tuesday morning at 7:40 on WIOX 91.3 FM. The Catskill Center also co-hosts Catskill Digest, a weekly radio show every Thursday morning at 9 on WIOX with the Pine Hill Community Center. Check out our podcasts to listen in or listen live on 

Since 1969, the Catskill Center has led the effort to protect  the Catskills.  Our Mission is to protect and foster the environmental, cultural and economic well-being of the Catskill region.